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McDonald's US and Canada announce cage free commitment

10 Sep 2015

The global movement to free hens from cages has reached an important milestone.

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Students make a song and dance about hen welfare

07 Sep 2015

A group of year five students from Saint Gregory's Primary School (in Queanbeyan NSW) took their efforts to help Aussie hens to new heights recently when they won the 2015 Wakakirri story dance award for Best Raising Awareness Story.

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An EGG-cellent result for Aussie hens as Subway goes cage free

02 Sep 2015

Thousands of Australian hens will live a better life thanks to Subway Australia’s announcement that its stores across the country are now serving cage-free eggs.

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Consumers ask ALDI to help get hens out of cages

28 Aug 2015

Thousands of Australian consumers have joined with the RSPCA in urging ALDI Australia to stop contributing to animal cruelty and make a public commitment to end the sale of eggs from hens who live a life in a cage.

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Aussie hens flapping for joy as IKEA goes cage free

13 Jul 2015

RSPCA Australia has today awarded furniture giant IKEA Australia with a Good Egg Award for their commitment to improving layer hen welfare in Australia by making the switch to source only cage-free eggs in all their in-store restaurants.

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Australian Governments agree to improve labelling standards for free-range eggs

12 Jun 2015

Federal, state and territory ministers today agreed that an enforceable national information standard is needed so consumers buying free-range eggs are getting what they’re paying for.

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The Food Company receives RSPCA Good Egg Award

12 Mar 2015

Australian food manufacturer The Food Company has today been awarded a Good Egg Award from the RSPCA for their commitment to improving layer hen welfare.

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Simplot Australia awarded for cage-free Lean Cuisine and Leggo’s

04 Dec 2014

The RSPCA has awarded Australian food manufacturer Simplot Australia with a Good Egg Award for their commitment to improving layer hen welfare in Australia by making the switch to source cage-free eggs when used as direct ingredients in their products.

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South Melbourne Market goes cage free!

03 Dec 2014

In another step towards improving the welfare of layer hens across Australia, the South Melbourne Markets have announced they are officially cage free across all stalls, restaurants and cafes.

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Subway makes cage-free commitment

18 Sep 2014

The RSPCA applauds Subway Australia’s announcement to switch to cage-free eggs across its Australian stores in the next 12 to 18 months, it’s the second major quick service restaurant to make such a commitment in just a matter of days.

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McDonald’s to introduce happy deal for Aussie hens

15 Sep 2014

The RSPCA has welcomed the news McDonald’s will be ceasing its use of cage eggs in all restaurants across Australia by the end of 2017.

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Woolworths gets cracking on cage-free commitment

03 Sep 2014

The RSPCA is welcoming the news Woolworths has taken a major step in their commitment to Australian hens, by removing cartons of cage eggs from their stores in the Australian Capital Territory.

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Meet the Aussie brand who’s made the switch because of you.

02 Sep 2014

Australian food manufacturer The Food Company has made the important switch to only sourcing cage-free eggs in their products thanks to your encouragement.

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Are your favourite products cage free?

10 Apr 2014

Australians care about the welfare of the animals that produce their food, but very few people know about the ‘hidden cage eggs’ in some of the products they eat.

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Set a Sister Free: Behind the scenes

03 Feb 2014

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of RSPCA Australia's latest campaign.

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RSPCA clears up confusion on egg labelling

08 Jan 2014

RSPCA explains the importance of choosing cage-free and how a cage is no life for a hen.

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RSPCA launches Set a Sister Free

02 Feb 2014

RSPCA Australia and four of Australia’s most prominent female personalities have teamed up to help Set a Sister Free.

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Biosecurity and animal welfare can go hand in hand

24 Oct 2013

The Federal Agriculture Minister's comments drawing parallels between an Avian Influenza outbreak and Woolworths' recent announcement to go cage free are both disappointing and wrong.

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SA Govt. confirms voluntary free range code

25 Sep 2013

The South Australian Government has announced an industry code for the labelling of free range eggs.

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Biggest Tassie producer makes move to cage free

12 Sep 2013

Tasmania's biggest cage egg producer Pure Foods has been making the move to cage free production at its Longford Farm for the past 6 months.

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