RSPCA is calling for all Good Eggs

The RSPCA is calling all Good Eggs to nominate for the 2012/13 Good Egg Awards, a national initiative that recognises major companies that make the switch to cage-free eggs.

In the era of good corporate citizenship, the Good Egg Award is a way organisations in the food service and manufacturing sectors can show they care.

“Animal welfare is an important issue to a growing number of consumers and your company’s egg procurement policy can show great leadership,” said Hope Bertram, Humane Food Marketing Manager, RSPCA Australia.

“Consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is produced - in fact two thirds of shoppers are concerned about the 11 million hens that are still confined to cages in Australia. Therefore, making the switch to source cage-free eggs is good news for hens and makes good business sense.

“There are more than 4 billion eggs produced in Australia each year. 50 per cent of those eggs are used in food service and manufacturing industries. The Good Egg Awards are an opportunity for organisations in the food service and manufacturing sectors to make a real difference to animal welfare.”

Winners will join other Good Egg Award recipients in Australia including The Coffee Club, Grill’d Healthy Burgers, Snowy Mountains Cookies, and Pudding Lane, who’s cage-free puddings are sold internationally and have been recognised as being Good Eggs by International Chef, Jamie Oliver.

Michael Jameson from Pudding Lane, said that receiving a Good Egg Award has been an honour and also given his business a competitive advantage.

“Using cage-free eggs was in direct response to our customers’ needs and expectations and in sync with our position as the finest quality pudding brand. It is also a choice that has resulted in competitive advantages and the winning of new business. We are honoured to have received a Good Egg Award.”

The Good Egg Award began in the UK, with International award winners including McDonalds UK, Subway, Microsoft, and Sainsbury supermarkets.  

 For more information go to or call 02 6282 8300. 

The RSPCA is proud to work with Compassion in world Farming to present the Good Egg Awards in Australia.